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Virginia Tech “Aims of Education” Conference
Virginia Tech “Aims of Education” Conference
Virginia Tech “Aims of Education” Conference
Special Event
The Aims of Education Address is inspired by Alfred North Whitehead’s (1861-1947) famous “Aims of Education” address that he delivered as his presidential address to the Mathematical Association of England in 1916. In the classroom, students typically focus on the subject at hand, and don’t have the opportunity to engage the overarching questions that define their education writ large. The residential college provides students an opportunity to venture beyond the boundaries of the classroom to grapple with big questions such as:

“What is the aim of education?”
“What does it mean to be educated?”
“What responsibility do I have as a result of my education?”

A signature event in the Residential College at West Ambler Johnston, The Aims of Education Address is held the Sunday before the start of fall semester classes. Students gather with their housemates and meet in small groups after the address to discuss their reactions to the talk.
Previous Aims of Education speakers:

2016 – Emily St. John Mandel, Novelist

2015 – Dinaw Mengestu, Novelist

2014 – Timothy Sands, President, Virginia Tech

2013 – Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, speaker, activist

2012 – Douglas Henry, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University
Show Times:
Sunday August 27, 2017
1:30PM - Admission is Free