Lyric Theatre Late Night: Internet Cat Video Festival - (SE)
Its not about cat videos, it's about watching cat videos together.

The world's first Internet Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota in August of 2012 was an unparalleled and unexpected success. Crowds flocked to the lawn of the Walker to watch a curated selection of Internet felines with fellow cat lovers. The New York Times reported: "You could hear the meows nearly a block away, and also the 'awwws.' The laughter too... An estimated 10,000 people turned out for an event that was, from its inception to its closing credits, an online meme made flesh (and fur.)"

Since its stunning debut, the festival has inspired hundreds of news headlines worldwide, launched international tour and has become the premiere festival for Internet Cat Videos. The second edition of the Festival drew over 11,000 to the Minnesota State Fair and launched a second tour including sold out stops in Brooklyn, Chicago, Oakland, Portland, Memphis and overseas to Vienna, Athens, and Jerusalem and now comes to Blacksburg.

Dress Up as Your Favorite Cat
Come dressed and your favorite real world or Internet cat for the chance to win prizes! Volunteers will be roving the audience to find the best cat costumes to feature during the event. Best in Show will be awarded to the crowd's favorites.

Doors open at 11:30pm Friday and Saturday for the midnight screenings, and at 2:30pm for the Saturday 3pm matinée.

Brought to you by Lyric Theatre Late Night.


Friday December 5, 2014
12:00am - $5.00

Saturday December 6, 2014
3:00pm - $5.00
12:00am - $5.00